Ayurvedic spa

Inaugurated during the summer of 2009, our SPA is exclusively devoted to well being according to the principles of Ayurveda, an ancestral health tradition of India.

Our Ayurvedic spa includes 3 Panchakarma cabins where you can receive identical services that you would at the best clinics in India: dietary consultation, various types of massages, marmatherapy, sirodhara, rud or kati basti, netra basti, nasyas, pranic-healing, pinda swedhana, swedhana, kansu…

The FIVE SENSES courses of treatment

7 day course :

First day :

Nasya + netra basti + ear drops followed by face and head massage with hot towels + consultation
+ body massage + swedhana/steam +  Sirodhara.

Other days :

Nasya + netra basti + ear drops followed by face and head massage with
hot towels + body massage + swedhana/steam +  Sirodhara

Made to measure courses of treatment

According to Ayurveda, each person is unique, so we propose courses designed exclusively for each individual person.

The courses begin with a consultation with Claire Lalève or her assistant where we decide together on the best treatments. We can adjust to your health, your budget, your needs and your time.

One day courses of treatment

Amavata (for flexibility);  nasya and face massage with hot towels + consultation + pindaswedana, massage with oil and hot pouches of either hot sand or herb pudding made with herbs rice and milk + 1 kansu feet massage + 1 meal + 2 herbal teas

Five senses : nasya +netra basti + ear drops followed by face and head massage with hot towels + consultation + massage + swedhana/steam +  Sirodhara + 1 meal + 2 herbal teas


There is  3 energetic levels in relation with body, mind and divine, it is:
Chakras, subtle energetic centers, located on the Pranic body,
Nadis, subtle channels carrying the Prana from Chakras to various centers on pranic and physical bodies,
Marmas, subtle intersections of Nadis located in the physical body.


Nasya is a sinus treatment for opening the channels of the senses organs of the head and clearing the mental. According to the time of the day and to the person, 2 drops of Ghee, clarified butter or a Small amount of Calamus powder is pourred into the nostrils. 
After 2 mn of deep breathing, the patient will receive a long and nice face massage  with ghee or Apricot or Sesame oil, followed by hot towels.
We recomand to practice Nasya every morning before breakfast during your 7 days ayurvedic courses of treatments. 



Siro, in Sanskrit means "head", Sirodhara is a blissfull experience.
Warm organic sesame oil is poured onto the forehead in slow movements like sea waves. This technique reduces stress, fights insomnia, restlessness, irritability, loss of hair and all types of Vata disorders.

Precautions : blocked sinus & fever.
We will give you the organic oil used during the treatment, you may use it for self massage or bring it if you come back for another Sirodhara.

Pinda swedhana

Pinda swedhana is a massage practice with hot pouches filled with :
– River sand or bricks for bringing silicium to Asthi, the bone Dhathu, and remove ama vata (toxins), 
– Milk porridge with red rice & herbs for nourrishing the Dhathus (tissues).
The treatment starts with a generous ayurvedic massage with ayurvedic medicinal oil. It is followed by the application of hot pouches.
We reserve the right to decide for the patient which Pinda swedana is suitable for him.

The given timing depends on each person


Body massage with warm oil is part of the tradition in Ayurveda, the ancestral natural medicine of India. Vedicare Ayurvedic massage is adapted to  the needs of westerners:
It disloges toxins, brings Prana (vital energy) into the physical and pranic bodies. It harmonizes the doshas (ayurvedic constitutions). It relieves tensions, nourrishes and stimulates the 7 dhathus (tissues) thanks to deep massage. 
 It includes digipressure on marma points, along the  "nadis".

Kansu bowl

We are proposing 2 kinds of treatment with Kansu bowl:
– A foot massage with ghee (clarified butter) with the bowl, this re-harmonises heat in all the body and brings peace.
– A back massage  with medicinal oil and the kansu bowl,  it removescongestion, relieves tensions of the lower back, shoulders and neck.


Kati Basti

Kati basti is a medicinal oil treatment for relieving tensions of the lower back.
The patient lays down on their stomach,  a ring is fixed on their back with a paste made of a special flour and water. The therapist poors very warm oil inside the circle, this sesame-based oil relieve all tensions and will penetrate deep into Ashti dhathu (the bone tiissues). The therapist must keep the oil very warm for 30 mn after which the patient receives a short massage with the same oil. A complete massage followed by a steam bath is highly recommended. 

Netra Basti

NETRA means Eye in Sanskrit
To fix the warm and liquid Ghee around the eyes, we use a paste made of special flours and water. This paste is sticky and will nourrish the muscles around the eyes.