There is  3 energetic levels in relation with body, mind and divine, it is:
Chakras, subtle energetic centers, located on the Pranic body,
Nadis, subtle channels carrying the Prana from Chakras to various centers on pranic and physical bodies,
Marmas, subtle intersections of Nadis located in the physical body.

The science of Marmas is particulary important in Siddha system of South India. The Marmas are spotted on the body where the two principles, Purusha (awareness or dormant Prana) and Prakriti (Mother nature, or awaken Prana) meet. There is 108 marmas points.
This treatments starts with an interview in order to choose which marma swill be treated, in general , 7 Marmas at a time. We select ayurvedic oils and essential oils, sometime Lepa (herb poultrice). We start with an ayurvedic massage, vigourous or not, depending on the person..
We advice to follow up with several days of Marmatherapy and always, to end with a steam bath.