Pranic Healing & Crystals

Based on ancient traditional techniques from the East, Pranic Healing is an holistic approach very soft and very simple. Prana is the “life force” and according to Sankya Philosophy, it is dormant in Purusha, the pure consciouness and alive in Prakriti, the primal matter. Prana gives life to everything in the universe. Our health depends on our energetic body, called Pranamayakosha which absorbs this Prana and distributes it in our physical body through the Nadis, subtle channels.
Pranic healing directly touches the physical, the pranic and the mental bodies and can :
– relieve tensions and disorders in the physical body, named Annamayakosha in Sanskrit.
– prevent troubles and stabilize emotions.
– help pranic circulation through the Chakras & Nadis.
For the optimisation of a session, we also use crystals with a vedic approach.

Price list:
390€ duration : 2 days

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