Made to measure courses of treatment

According to Ayurveda, each person is unique, so we propose courses designed exclusively for each individual person.

The courses begin with a consultation with Claire Lalève or her assistant where we decide together on the best treatments. We can adjust to your health, your budget, your needs and your time.

Example Individual Course: two friends have a short week end, they arrive on Saturday at 3 PM, they receive a consultation together. Madeleine has a lot of stress and sleeps badly, she receives sirodara while Evelyn receives a Vedicare massage followed by a swedana (steam bath). They meet for dinner. Next afternoon,  they are ready to go home after a continental breakfast and a delicious ayurvedic meal. Before breakfast, both receive a nasya treatment and, after breakfast, a marmatherapy massage according to their needs and, of course a steam bath. They slept in a Mongolian hut and they brought their sleeping bags.

Total cost for  Madeleine is  339 € : consulting 70€+  sirodara 75€ + dinner 17€ + a night in the hut with breakfast  35€ + nasya 20€ + marmatherapy 80€ + swedana 25€ + lunch 17 €.

Evelyn will pay 364 € : consulting 70 € + massage 75€ + swedhana 25€ + dinner 17€ + a night in the hut with breakfast 22,50€ + nasya 20€ + marmatherapy 80€ + swedana 25€ + lunch17 €.

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