Netra Basti

Vedicare Ayurveda
Preparation of Netra basti

NETRA means Eye in Sanskrit
To fix the warm and liquid Ghee around the eyes, we use a paste made of special flours and water. This paste is sticky and will nourrish the muscles around the eyes.
We pour slowly the warm Ghee on closed. eyes We ask the person to practice a kind of Yoga, eyes are open and moved in circular motions, clock wise and unclock wise for getting a good lubrification.  We stop the proccess when the person feels her eyes watery. The eyes closed, ghee and paste are removed slowly. The person rests in the dark for sometime, then her eyes are rinsed with Rose water.
We follow this treatment with a long face massage with ghee and hot towels at the end.
Indications : Red, tired or dry eyes

Price list: 

Price of Netra basti 40 €, Duration : 30 mn 

Price of Netra basti & Nasya 50 €, Duration : 45 mn