Head Massage

Face ,neck & scalp Massage, followed by
Marmatherapy massage with essential oils. Your hair will be very
oily, hot towels are used at the end to help the oil to penetrate
deeper and to remove the excess of product on face, neck and hair.

Dietary consultation

Ayurvedic Consulting
with Claire Lalève,
 (Diploma of American Institute of Vedic studies, Ayurveda, Santa
Fe, 1999)

Clear and simple explanation of basic principles of Ayurveda.

What is your Prakriti *(ayurvedic type)

What is your Vikriti (desharmony) ?

Your daily routine, what to change ? 

Face Lepa

A face pack is applied (poultrice made of ayurvedic
herbs, oils, water, milk etc …according to your skin type . Waiting
for the lepa to dry, an hand massage is given to you. The lepa is
removed with hot towels . Treatment ends up with a long and expert
face and neck massage.

Also good for men

Face scrub & Marmatherapy

We start by scrubing the face with our organic Apricot kernel powder. Then  an expert face massage is given with oil, ghee or cream, according to your skin type with activation of the Marmas point of the face.

.We end with hot towels to remove excess of oil or cream.

The skin feels fresh and soft.

Also suitable for men.

Pranic healing & Massage

Two technics combined for a great result.

First a massage with oil is given, followed by a session of Pranic healing. The patient feels light and relaxed. It is good for the people who can’t go in the sweat chamber.

Summer massage training course

In this ayurvedic massage we devide the body into 4 parts :
-The limbs, the torso and the head in the physical body called in Sanskrit : Annamayakosha 
– the 7 Chakras, in the energetic body : Pranamayakosha.
During this workshop, you will lean how to relieve the tensions from the body. You will refill the physical and energetic bodies with Prana (cosmic energy) and harmonize the 7 tissus or Dhathus ( lymph & skin, blood, muscle, fat, nerves & marrow, bone, reproductive fluids).

Baby massage workshop

Duration  :12 H
First  day: 9 AM to 6 PM

Morning theory :

– Ayurveda
– baby massage
– nutrition for the pregnant woman
– after giving birth
– what to do and not do in this massage
– types of oils to use

– food
– practice with a doll

Second day ; 9 AM to 12 AM

– practice with a baby and dolls
– application of powders
– bath


Ayurvedic vegetarian meals

We use organic ingredients as much as we can as well as local and seasonal products. Our meals are cooked according to ayurvedic principles, they contain the 6 tastes, sweet, salty, bitter, acid, pungent and astringent. We do not use animal products except dairy and eggs.  We can prepare gluten free or vegan  meals on request.

Breakfast is served from 8h30 to 9h30,  lunch at 1pm, dinner at 7pm in winter and 8 pm in summer.
Price of a meal : 17 €.

Wine extra, wine is not served to people receiving ayurvedic treatments.

The yurts


There are five 15m2 yurts on our property.  Eech can sleep 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. Beds are very confortable and there is a chair and a small table. They are full of daylight with an electric heater and of course electricity…

– A Pacific hut from the USA is facing the medieval village of Roussillon, far from commodities and near our sweat lodge spot. It is quite modern and it has more privacy.

Rooms in the hostel and the chalet

Price includes continental breakfast, check out time is 12 noon. In the hostel : The 4 hostel rooms have their private shower and toilet. King size double bed or twin beds. Towels, hair dryer In the wooden chalet facing the forest : The 2 triple bedrooms have hand basins in the room.  Showers are in the corridor. Biological …

Rooms in the hostel and the chalet Read More »

The RASAYANA courses of treatments

Rasayana means Rejuvenation in Sanskrit…

First day :

Nasya and face massage with hot towels + consultation + pindaswedana, massage with oil and hot pouches of either hot sand or a hot pudding of herbs rice and milk.

Day No 3, 5, 7  :

Nasya and face massage with hot towels + pindaswedana, massage with oil and hot pouches of either hot sand or a hot pudding of herbs rice and milk.

Day No 2, 4, 6 :

Nasya and face massage with hot towels and pranic healing with crystals.