The 3 Doshas


Generally underdeveloped, their chests are flat and their veins, muscle tendons are visible. The complexion is dark, the skin is cold, rough, dry and cracked, There usually are a few moles present, often dark. Vata people are active, they are either too tall or too short with thin frames, the hair is curly, the eyes may be small and dry, and the nails are rough and brittle. The shape of the nose is bent and turned up. The appetite and digestion is variable. They crave for sweet, sour and salty tastes and like hot drinks. They perspire less and their sleep is disturbed, their hands and feet are cold. These people are creative, active, alert and restless. They talk fast and walk fast but are easily tired. 
Psychologically, Vata people have short memory but quick mental understanding. They have little will power, suffer from instability and possess little tolerance. They are nervous, fearful, and even anxious. Vata tends to earn money quickly also spend it quickly.


They are of medium height, are slender and body frame may be delicate. Their chests are not flat. They have many moles or freckles. Muscle development is moderate. The pitta complexion is yellowish or reddish; the skin is soft, warm and not much wrinkled. The hair is thin, silky, and red and they have a tendency toward premature graying or hair loss. The eyes may be gray, green or copper brown and sharp. Nails are soft and the nose is also sharp and the tips tend to be red. 
These people have a strong metabolism, good digestion and strong appetite. They have a natural craving for sweet, bitter and astringent tastes and enjoy cold drinks. Their sleep is of medium duration, they perspire a lot, the body temperature is high and hands and feet are hot. Pitta people do not tolerate sunlight and heat. 
Pitta people have a good power of comprehension, are intelligent, sharp and are good orators. When they have imbalance, they have emotional tendencies toward anger and jealousy. They are ambitious and like to lead. They enjoy exhibiting their wealth and luxurious possessions.


People of Kapha constitution have well-developed bodies. They have tendency to carry excess weight. Their chest is expanded; the veins and tendons are not obvious because of their thick skin. Their complexion is fair and bright, the hair thick, dark and soft, the eyes are dense; the white of the eyes is generally very white, large and attractive. Kapha people have regular appetite, the digestive functions are slow, they tend to move slowly, and they crave for pungent, bitter and astringent food. Sleep is sound and prolonged. They have a good health, are happy and peaceful. Psychologically, they tend to be tolerant, calm and loving, however when unbalanced they can show tendencies to greed, attachment, envy and possessiveness. Their comprehension is slow but definitive. Kapha people tend to be wealthy; they earn money and are good at holding on to it.

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