Ayurvedic Massage « vedicare »
In this ayurvedic massage we divide the body into 4 parts :
-the limbs, the torso and the head in the physical body called in Sanskrit : Annamayakosha 
– the 7 Chakras, in the energetic body : Pranamayakosha.
During this workshop, you will lean how to relieve the tensions from the body. You will refill the physical and energetic bodies with Prana (cosmic energy) and harmonize the 7 tissus or Dhathus ( lymph & skin, blood, muscle, fat, nerves & marrow, bone, reproductive fluids).
You will use breathing technics with Prana and will learn how to protect yourself from bioplasmic diseases. Basic Marmatherapy (vital points on the physical body) is taught also.
This massage can be done on a table or on the floor.

Number of  participants : 4 only

Programme :
1st day: 9 AM to 6 PM
Theory :

and massage
Practice :

 Preparation, back of the legs 
Afternoon : Back massage and front of the legs massage

2nd day : 9 AM to 6 PM
Practice :

 Torso massage, face massage
Afternoon :
Exchange of complete massage