Vedicare Ayurveda
Ayurvedic massage

Body massage with warm oil is part of the tradition in Ayurveda, the ancestral natural medicine of India. Vedicare Ayurvedic massage is adapted to  the needs of westerners:
It disloges toxins, brings Prana (vital energy) into the physical and pranic bodies. It harmonizes the doshas (ayurvedic constitutions). It relieves tensions, nourrishes and stimulates the 7 dhathus (tissues) thanks to deep massage. 
 It includes digipressure on marma points, along the  "nadis".

After such a massage, the patient feels light and full of positive energy, without toxins and will sleep very well.
It is highly recommanded to follow up with a steam bath in order to help the herbal massage oil to penetrate deep into the dhathus.

Price list: 

70 €, duration : 1 hour body and face